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Jan Coveney - Hanji Artist

I'm an Australian from Adelaide who has lived and worked overseas in various countries for the last 15 years. One of the countries I worked in was South Korea and it was there that I developed a passion for the Korean traditional craft called Hanji.


I‘ve taught Hanji for the last 10 years both in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates and many of my Hanji pieces have been sold and exported to the UK, NZ, Australia and the US including New York for sale in some of their top museums, . Many of the pieces I've made are in traditional Korean shapes and designs but I'm now exploring more contemporary ideas as well. 


As very little is know about this craft outside of Korea, I’m currently writing a book on it in English. I’m also combining my love for photography into many of my pieces. 


Apart from conducting classes overseas I’ve been maintaining a Hanji blog and have escorted Hanji students on tours to South Korea. On my return to Adelaide I’ve set up a business called ‘HANJI’ and am conducting classes here in an effort to promote this wonderful craft.


  2000 - 2002                         Studied Hanji craft in Korea with Korean Hanji artists

  2001 -2002                          Items exported and sold in Museum shops in New York City


  2002 - 2014                         Items sold and sent to the US, NZ, Australia and the UK


  2004 - 2014                         Taught Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Hanji classes in Malaysia and
                                               the United Arab Emirates

  2012 / 2014                         Hanji Tour leader taking students to Korea to visit a paper making factory, 
                                              and shops to source materials


  2012                                    Hanji Happenings Blog featured on Korea4Expats website

  2012                                    Voted one of the Top Expat Blogs for South Korea by InterNations

  2014 (April)                          Presentation in Seoul, Sth Korea on ‘Hanji - Life after Korea’


  2015 (April)                          Hanji Exhibition, Adelaide, Australia - 'from paper to purpose'


  2015 (May)                          Hanji Master classes at Jonginamoo and Hanji Doori in Seoul,
                                              South Korea for 6 weeks


  2015 (Aug)                          SALA - South Australian Living Artists - Open Studio sessions


  2016 (Feb)                          K- Paper(Hanji) Exhibition, Korean Cultural Centre, Sydney, Australia

 2016 (April)                          Korea Week Participant, Korean Consulate, Melbourne, Australia

 2016 (August)                      SALA - South Australian Living Artists  - Open Studio sessions

 2016 (October)                    Choose to represent  an overseas Hanji artist and to appear in  a one hour
                                             Hanji documentary - produced by ARIRANG TV - in Seoul, South Korea

2017  (Sept - Nov)               'Dissolve', Inspiration by Korea - Exhibition, Korean Cultural Centre - Sydney

 2018 - 2019                        Exhibited locally at the Stationmaster's Art Gallery, Strathalbyn

2015 - 2020  Hanji Happenings

Jan Coveney - Hanji Artist, Adelaide, South Australia


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