hanji Classes & Workshops  are  available now....


All workshops run for 3 hours from 1.30 - 4.30pm on a Saturday afternoon in 'The Hanji Studio"

Nos. limited to 4 per session

Cost: $55 per session - materials included

Making Hanji Pictures             Sat.,January 30th, 2021

- Create an art picture using Hanji Papers

- Learn to cut out designs successfully

- Finishing off techniques

- Take a piece of 2D Art home

Hanji Techniques                            Sat., February 20th, 2021

- Learn about different papers & techniques of changing papers

- Bleaching techniques

- Changing  pape

- Assembling & using papers to make a box

Origami Bracelets                   Sat., March 27th, 2021

- Choose from over 100 papers

- Cut out different sizes

- Covering

- Assembling & wearing


Hanji Classes




Description:This course is suited to all abilities. Beginners will learn the basics of Hanji by cutting shapes out of cardboard, assembling 2 to 3 different boxes, papering, cutting out designs and laquering.

 6 week course

Cost $35 per week

If you can't make a class during the 6 weeks

we can always find another time to make sure         !!

your projects get finished

Materials:              included in tuition fees

Length:     12 hours over 6 weeks



Description: This course is designed to

use all of the techniques learnt in the

Introductory classes in a more complex

project such as a lamp, large pot,

tea tables, jewellry boxes  or a set of



Materials:   costs apply

Length:      12 hours over 6 weeks




Description: This course is for those that

have already completed the beginner and

intermediate courses. In these 6 weeks you

will learn to make larger objects such as

a Korean style cabinet or an extra large

floor lamp. 


Materials:     costs apply

Length:        20 hours over 8 weeks 



Contempory Lamps


Description: This course is  designed for making

more contemporary lamp pieces. It includes making

a rectangular table lamp, a mountain lamp and a

patchwork lamp. All using Hanji papers.


Materials:   included in tuition fees

Length:       15 hrs over 6 weeks